Online Frame Drum Lessons with Yousif Sheronick


Advanced Frame Drum Techniques: For Tar, Riq and Bodhran

Learn Advanced Techniques on the Riq, Tar and Bodhran. Includes Glen Velez fast fingerings, split hand, snapping and South Italian triplet.


Riq Instructional Course and Book: Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine

Yousif Sheronick guides you from the basics of holding the Riq all the way through playing and embellishing traditional Middle Eastern Rhythms in both Cabaret and Soft positions.


Private Skype Lesson with Yousif Sheronick

Private lessons available on Tar, Riq, Bodhran and Dumbek. Other video platforms are available such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Manta Ray Dance: Sheet Music Instructional Guide

A video guide for notation and techniques used in Yousif's Riq solo Manta Ray Dance.


Frame Drums 101: